Government policy is a major factor that can either hinder or accelerate cryptocurrency adoption. Because of Australia’s crypto-friendly stance, holders of digital currencies can now enjoy crypto-related services not available in other countries.

Many within the crypto community have been longing for the day that cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for virtually anything. That dream may be moving closer to reality, at least for Australians, who will soon be able to pay their bills using cryptocurrencies.

Cointree Partners With Gobbill

Australian crypto holders will soon be able to benefit from the convenience of paying their bills directly with cryptocurrencies, thanks to a partnership between Cointree and Gobbill. In a Twitter post, the Melbourne-based digital currency exchange announced its partnership with the Australian financial service firm, Gobbill, enabling customers of both companies to enjoy the service.

On Aug 20, Cointree tweeted:

“Excited to finally announce our partnership with @gobbill , this partnership will enable automated bill payments with cryptocurrency!”

Pay Bills Using Any Cryptocurrency Accepted by Cointree

According to a post on Cointree’s website, the partnership will allow users to pay bills using digital currency from their Cointree wallet. The crypto exchange projects that by the time this bill payment feature goes live, users will be able to use more than 50 types of tokens to pay their bills, as Cointree is planning to include more coins into its platform.

Users don’t have to worry whether the Australian utility or service provider accepts crypto payments or not. Payment specialist Gobbill will act as the go-between and will receive the crypto funds from the payee and make the payment on their behalf.

The service targets households and small businesses, giving them a safer and more convenient way to pay their bills using any cryptocurrency.

Shendon Ewans, CEO and co-founder of Gobbill, believes that the service is bound to be a hit, saying:

“Digital currencies are becoming mainstream, and our view at Gobbill is to support customer choice and convenience. We anticipate a surge in the number of customers who would like to pay their bills in crypto in the coming years.”

Australia has long been known as a crypto-friendly country with well-defined guidelines for crypto and blockchain-related businesses. Brisbane airport merchants are a great example of this, with various cryptocurrencies accepted within the airport. This friendly stance gives businesses the confidence to offer crypto-related services to Australians.

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