“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”


Healthcare has experienced a major paradigm shift with the development of technology-driven innovations, from Virtual Reality to the Smart Hospital and Artificial-Intelligence-driven health solutions. These innovations have simplified patient care, changing the narrative to a patient-centric model. However, a novel technology which will further revolutionize healthcare as we know it is gaining momentum and catalyzing this disruption.

The healthcare industry is not taking a passive stance in this tech revolution, as stakeholders are beginning to tap into the enormous benefits blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have created in healthcare. A study by Frost & Sullivan titled “Blockchain in Healthcare, Forecast 2017-2025,” estimates the global blockchain in the healthcare market will grow at a CAGR of 63.85% from 2018 to 2025, reaching a market value of $5.61 billion. Blockchain is also expected to provide efficient healthcare services through advances in health information technology. This is estimated to save the industry up to $100 – $150 billion yearly by 2025.

As we all know, the current approach to process and store patient data is not safe and efficient indeed. If the information is stored in the corresponding blockchain, not only can security and privacy be maintained but medical data interconnection can also be achieved. In the course of treatment, this will potentially help reduce the duration of treatment and lower administrative expenses required, optimizing the whole treatment process in an efficient manner.

Another example includes using blockchain technology to keep track of the sources of medicines, preventing the frequently-seen fake drug incidents today.

Therefore in brief, blockchain plays an enormous, game-changing role in healthtech and there are more blockchain startups in healthcare are becoming game changer to our world.

One of it is Aenco—A Blockchain Game-Changer

What is Aenco? 

Developing its world’s first blockchain-based financial solutions platform for healthcare technology, Aenco from Hong Kong delivers comprehensive blockchain solutions for financial, healthcare, and pharmaceutical projects, aiming at completing at least 4 to 5 projects every year. Aenco is already busy working on the live launch of 4 of these healthcare and medical technology applications in the next 12 months, including supporting academic research sharing, the healthcare fund industry, pharmaceutical drug development process, and medical service driven transactions – Aenco will be making major announcements shortly.

We are a Blockchain Startup that supports multi business customisable blockchain application where we wanted to have real business use of our blockchain and not just blockchain for mining, but to demonstrate real lives business application.

Said Darren Lui, Co- Founder of Aenco


Well aware of the pain points of the healthcare industry, Aenco concentrates on medical big data, medical and pharmaceutical research, intelligent clinic, project financing, and many other aspects. With its own blockchain technology and smart wallet, Aenco attracts communities and participants to every healthcare project to establish their own ecosystem.

Aenco has a big collaboration with institutions in Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and United States too.

What is worth mentioning is that Aenco does not depend on existing blockchain infrastructure, but uses new consensus algorithms to create its own blockchain which will be evolved along the way and delivers an industry competitive transaction rate that is scalable with increasing parallel processing power of its nodes network to perfectly meet the requirements of the healthcare industry.

Not only that, Aenco’s projects will focus on assisting emerging healthcare start-ups. On the basis of blockchain technology, Aenco will also help them gain access to financing and ecosystem, providing them with all-in-one solutions to break through the limitations under the existing financing framework. Aenco enables these start-ups to develop better products, thus making our lives better.

As we are developing and using our own blockchain technology, we are also developing Aenco’s dedicated financial solution umbrella to take companies from development stage to ICO to listing and to Post listing. That’s why we called Aenco as an end to end platform.

Stated Darren Lui, Co Founder of Aenco during Bloconomic 2018


Aenco is also assisting its sponsored projects in building their own ecosystems and community groups through its own platform, thus promoting the development of the whole healthcare industry as well as uniting the various community groups that have a diverse background under one umbrella. This will be a perfect solution all healthcare start-ups waiting for.

In the near future, therefore, it is believed that Aenco can solve many current challenges and assist a wide variety of research groups and business sectors (including those outside of the financial and healthtech sectors) with its blockchain technology and its API gateway feature to facilitate customizable business applications, and eventually driving huge efficiencies in our day to day lives.

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