Scrypt-based crypto asset Flash is releasing a new “human ATM” functionality in regions of Africa and South America that have seen their national fiat currencies fall victim to inflation. The function will provide peer-to-peer trading in countries like Venezuela that have little to no access to traditional banking services and must instead rely on cryptocurrencies to provide for their people.

Human ATM is available through Flash’s mobile wallet. In addition, Flash offers applications that allow customers to house multiple cryptocurrencies from bitcoin and Litecoin to Dash and Ethereum. At press time, as many as 800 different merchants throughout Africa will adopt Flash in the coming months, according to the company’s marketing director James Hinton.

Providing Crypto to Everyone Who Needs It

The human ATM feature allows customers to load maps of individuals offering in-person trades via their mobile phones. People can purchase or sell their cryptocurrencies in person, then have the units transferred to phone-specific wallets. The service will allegedly give all users in countries like Venezuela 24-7 access to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether.

At the time of writing, Flash is supported by several small cryptocurrency exchanges, though it has garnered the attention of larger ventures like the Einstein Exchange in Canada. The currency also boasts over 600,000 active addresses around the world.

Flash was built with the unbanked in mind, though other applications offer similar features. As Flash allows one to keep multiple forms of crypto, Coindex allows users to keep track of their full crypto portfolios. The platform provides mobile users with a dashboard that combines all their wallets into one space, so they can see the progress of their crypto investments and better understand their financial gains. Users can also pre-select specific coins they’re potentially interested in to see how their prices are performing.

Lastly, the application also informs users of any forthcoming or ongoing initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Connecting Crypto to the World

In a related story, Flash has also announced a recent partnership with Crowdforce, based in the African nation of Seychelles.

Crowdforce provides cryptocurrency-based payment options to over 8,000 separate vendors, meaning all registered companies have the option of providing Flashcoin payments to their employees.

Is the human ATM a feature you would use? Why or why not? Post your comments below.

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Despite market capitalisation dropping to a low point since Q4 2018, the number of crypto ATMs globally has been on a steady rise. Coin ATM Radar released a statement which further confirmed that there has been a massive increase in interest of cryptos.

209 New Crypto ATMs Worldwide

According to the statement, 209 new ATMs were installed across the world in November alone. This is despite the fall in the value of Bitcoin. It further revealed information on the close down of 68 previously opened kiosks which brings the total number of tellers to 141. This indicates a positive sign for the industry and investors looking for reasons to stay invested in various virtual currency in the next year.

It is important to note that, although teller kiosks do not have the same storage status as institutional investments, neither are they approved by the Exchange Traded Fund or by major advertisement channels like Facebook, they still serve as an indication of which direction crypto adoption is heading towards.

For some crypto enthusiast, the fall in value and price of virtual currency indicates a not so bright future for the industry and innovation of the technology created while for others, it is just “an indistinct background of broader adoption of a transaction using virtual currency and Bitcoin.”

2,243 Crypto ATMs Operational Within the U.S

With 2,243 crypto ATMs operational within the U.S alone, and many more being available globally, it is quite obvious that more people are now getting involved with cryptos.
Data compiled by Coin ATM Radar showed that there was a 59 percent increase in the number of accepted altcoins by crypto ATMs’ by November.

Also, with over 13 million users, the popular U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase has been able to make a major impact in increasing crypto exposure for casual investors by adding more altcoins to its meagre selection over the last month.

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The number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide is increasing. So much so, that the industry could hit the 4,000 figure in just over a week.

3,961 and Counting

At the time of writing, there are currently 3,962 Bitcoin ATMs installed around the world, according to CoinATMRadar.

The country with the highest number of installed machines is the U.S. with 2,353. This is followed by Canada with 678, Austria with 248, the U.K. with 204, and the Russian Federation with 72, making up the top five. However, while there are a number of countries that still only have one, that number will increase with interest in crypto rising within those countries.

Some of the nations that only have one include the Philippines, Germany, Guatemala, Kenya, and Albania.

According to the data from CoinATMRadar, there are currently 5.58 Bitcoin ATMs installed each day. This means that at the current installation rate, the 4,000 milestone could be reached in eight days.

A major milestone is within reach as there will soon be 4000 Bitcoin ATMs around the world.

North America currently makes up 71.48 percent of the number of Bitcoin ATMs by continent. This is followed by Europe at 23.47 percent. After that is Asia, with 2.53 percent. Oceania makes up 1.34 percent, then South America at 0.96 percent, followed by Africa at 0.20 percent, and uncategorized at 0.03 percent.

What’s notable about these findings, though, is that despite a slump in the market, interest is still there. This is evident by the number of machines being installed. Compared to January 1st, 2014 when there were four installed, the industry has seen a 98,900 percent increase in over four years.

This increase, however, is likely to continue as interest in the market does. This, in itself, paints a positive picture for where the industry is going.

Embracing Crypto

Argentina is one nation that is embracing the industry. With a country in economic turmoil, its people are finding solace in crypto.

The country currently has three Bitcoin ATMs. However, the report states that by the end of the year, it could have as many as 30 put into place. Looking into next year and that number could rise to 150.

Unocoin cryptocurrency ATM

Crypto ATMs are also set to rise in Greece. This is due to the demand for crypto increasing in the country. Back in September, it was reported that there were 10 Bitcoin ATMs in Greece. At the time of publishing, there are now 18. However, if the people are calling for the machines, it makes sense to install them.

Only then can people gain access to the market in a user-friendly manner.

What do you think of the 4,000 milestone? Do you think that number will continue to rise? Let us know in the comments below.

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