A group of young professional men was accused by Manhattan District Attorney’s Office of breaking into a friend’s apartment and torturing him in order to gain access to his wallet.

According to an article from the NY Post, the group of friends went to drink and have fun, and after the victim was drunk, the criminal group seized the opportunity to break into his apartment and violently force him to reveal the secret keys to his wallet.

Nicholas Truglia, 27, never imagined how far his friends were willing to go for money. David Leica, 19, Steven Dorn, 29, and Chris David, 25 and Stephen Orso, 25 accompanied Truglia to his luxury apartment on West 42nd Street at about 2:50 a.m. on Sept. 7, where they proceeded to apply multiple tortures to his friend.
The story that appears in the court papers is quite explicit:

“(Truglia) provide him (Orso) with login information for his cryptocurrency accounts while holding his head underwater in the bathtub, punching him in the stomach and throwing hot wax on him

After analyzing a series of surveillance footage, it became evident that the friends escaped two hours after taking Truglia to his apartment. One of them looked like “to be concealing a rectangular object under his sweatshirt consistent with a laptop computer.”

David Leica (left) and Stephen Orso (right). Two of the four guys accused of torturing a friend to get access to his wallet
David Leica (left) and Stephen Orso (right)

According to the victim’s testimony, Truglia woke up the next day and noticed that his iPhone, laptop, and hardware wallet had disappeared. He immediately reported it to the authorities.

The prosecution has not given details about whether the criminals stole or misused Truglia’s funds. Nor did they mention which cryptos the victim used.

Apparently, Leica returned the iPhone to Truglia the next day in an Uber, and Chris David returned his wax-splashed laptop shortly thereafter.

The defense denied all of Truglia’s accusations against the four men. According to Stacey Richman, the group’s defense attorney, her clients were just “helping a person who had over-imbibed.”

“I provided audio to the district attorney’s office wherein the complainant admits these allegations are false … It’s disappointing that our standard of journalism does not permit the innocent to have their day in court and slanders them upon accusation.”

The group was charged with second-degree burglary and are due back in court March 14

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Multiple Amsterdam businesses received emails threatening them with hand grenades or shootings if they do not pay €50,000 in bitcoins to the sender, the NLTimes reported on Oct. 31.

Bitcoin ‘Terrorists’ Threaten Amsterdam Coffeeshops with Bullets and Grenades

Cyber terrorists are targeting Amsterdam, demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin from multiple coffee shops and threatening them with live hand grenades and firearms if they don’t pay up.

The police have confirmed that that multiple reports of this email have been received and all are currently under investigation.

The threatening email, which is in possession of AT5, a local media outlet, was purportedly sent to at least three coffee shops and Club ABE on Amstelstraat. The first was reported in May 2018 by Club ABE, which disclosed an incident with a hand grenade tied to the club’s door in August 2017.

According to the broadcaster, the email read:

“You probably noticed how many entrepreneurs have had to close their doors recently by order of the municipality. To prevent you from being the next one, you must immediately take action.”

The writer instructs the entrepreneur to create an account on coinmama.com or coinbase.com, buy 50 thousand euros in bitcoin, and transfer it to a specific address.

Cyberterrorists Taking Advantage of Municipal Laws

The threats made by the group dubbed “the bitcoin terrorists” take advantage of the municipality of Amsterdam’s policy to close businesses after a shooting or an explosive was found.

However, Maurice Veldman, the lawyer representing several coffee shops in the city, told AT5 that owners are not impressed by the email and that these types of intimidation are not taken seriously and are very easy to make.

However, all of his clients were required to report the threats as they signed a covenant with the mayor stating that they are obliged to report everything related to safety. He also stressed that none of the coffeeshops paid the demanded amount and there have been no incidents.

The municipality of Amsterdam has also worked on changing its policy on closing businesses after a shooting or an incident with explosive. In September 2018, Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema said that the city is gradually becoming more precise in the application of such measures.

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Makaveli Lindén, the primary suspect in the gruesome murder of 24-year-old Norwegian bitcoin investor Heikki Bjørklund Paltto, is in police custody following a successful international manhunt.

Swedish news outlet Aftonbladet reports that Oslo police have confirmed that Lindén, 20, has been captured more than a week after he allegedly stabbed Paltto to death in the latter’s apartment in Oslo’s Majorstuen neighborhood.

Lindén, a foreign national residing in Uppsala, Sweden, had fled Norway following the murder, allegedly returning to his home city before leaving Sweden as well. According to local reports, the suspect was ultimately arrested in France, though Norwegian police have not yet confirmed this publicly.

Initially, the crime appeared connected to Paltto’s cryptocurrency investments, which had reportedly made him hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. Sources within the local police department said that he had sold a large amount of bitcoin shortly before the murder, and other sources said that he may have been planning to use the funds — which he was keeping in his residence — to purchase an apartment.

However, Lindén’s alleged involvement in the incident has led police to believe that Paltto may have just been a random victim. The 20-year-old suspect, who had a long rap sheet related to theft and drug abuse convictions, is also alleged to have committed another robbery at knife-point not far from the murder scene.

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A Norwegian man was brutally stabbed to death shortly after completing an in-person cash-for-bitcoin exchange, and investigators believe that the two events may be linked.

According to Norwegian news organization TV 2, the stabbing occurred on Monday morning at the 24-year-old victim’s apartment in Majorstuen, an affluent neighborhood in Oslo, likely between 7:50 am and 12:10 pm — when one of his roommates discovered the crime scene.

Sources within the Oslo police department told TV 2 that the murder victim had completed a bitcoin trade shortly before the tragic incident and that others within his social circle were aware of his cryptocurrency dealings.

Grete LIen Metlid, the leader of the Oslo police department’s head of intelligence and investigations unit, told the publication that investigators were aware of a tip involving a possible bitcoin connection, but he declined to elaborate further.

“We are familiar with a tip about Bitcoin, but at this time we will not provide more information about the investigation,” said Metlid, according to a rough translation, adding that the department investigates “widely” and that “economic motives” are always a primary area of interest for investigators.

As of the time of writing, the police did not have any suspects, nor had they made any arrests. Per local reports, forensic analysts continued to investigate the scene on Wednesday night.

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