Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL) collaborative partners FruitchainInfinito, and GINAR, traveled to Selangor, Malaysia to attend TECHNOMART Blockchain: Adding Value through Blockchain that happened on 31st of October 2018 organised by Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV) and the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT).  Leaders from local prestigious universities, government institutions, and blockchain industry leaders gathered to share the latest insights and updates on the potentials of blockchain technology.  IBL teams discussed the progress of their projects and means of applying them in Malaysia.

Steve Nam, the Project Director of IBL’s blockchain-based agriculture and food traceability solution in Vietnam, Fruitchain, held an intriguing presentation on blockchain based traceability in agriculture and introduced the product.  Steve discussed the monumental benefits in applying blockchain’s potential revolutionizing food supply chains.  A blockchain based food traceability solution, such as Fruitchain, give consumers a complete view of the product journey in delivering safe and economical products.  The blockchain solution allows companies to record all information or transactions within the supply chain on a distributed ledger in a secure, immutable, and irrevocable way.  Blockchain provides an entirely transparent and immutable product history for both businesses and consumers throughout the entire supply chain.

Charlie Bussat, Infinito’s Marketing Co-Leader, presented the amount of interest that startups, developers, and universities have in applying blockchain technology and obstacles in the way of mainstream adoption.  In supporting blockchain adoption, Charlie introduced the Infinito Ecosystem, which was created to facilitate blockchain adoption with a safe and efficient utilization of blockchain technology  Infinito Wallet hopes to spread blockchain and adoption by making this new technology more comfortable and accessible to everyone.

Harry Pham, the Project Director for IBL’s collaborative partner GINAR, discussed the development of blockchain based random number generation and its many applications to industries.  Harry explained the importance of random number generation and why it was created in giving examples of earlier types.  With the use of blockchain technology, random number generators can finally be genuinely random thus their applications in a variety of sectors and industries can truly be realized.

The teams also met with leaders from universities, government institutions, and the blockchain industry to discuss the future of blockchain and its potential for adoption in Malaysia as well as possible partnerships.  IBL and its collaborative partners are optimistic that blockchain technology can soon be adopted in Malaysia by making this new technology more comfortable and accessible to everyone.

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